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State of Subscriptions: What consumers want

This 30-minute webinar will cover:

  • What Gen Z and Boomer subscribers want
  • Factors that catapult conversion and engagement
  • Personalization secrets that make subscribers stay

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Subscriptions are on the rise, but so are consumer expectations. Amidst economic challenges and competitive environments, consumers have more buying power—and preferences—than ever. 

To tap into exactly what subscribers want, Recurly surveyed over 6,000 subscribers globally. We’ve uncovered valuable insights into what subscribers want from their subscription service—and the key factors that drive engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.

Get the results in this 30-minute webinar. We’ll cover:

  • Generational trends: Find out exactly what Gen Z vs. Boomer subscribers want. Design your subscription experience to attract and expand various consumer segments globally. 

  • Why subscribers buy: From payments to pricing to incentives, we’ll cover the consumer considerations that drive conversion and engagement.

  • Why subscribers stay: Determine areas of personalization you can leverage throughout the subscriber lifecycle to improve retention and expansion. Delve into the tactics that foster long-term relationships and maximize lifetime value.

Theresa Mcendree headshot

Theresa McEndree

Chief Marketing Officer


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Cinnamon Perryman

Sr. Director, Brand