Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! Walmart+ is on the rise, with over 30% of consumers now subscribing, thanks to improved fulfillment and increased member engagement. Netflix is making waves by phasing out its most affordable ad-free plan, pushing users to consider ad-supported or pricier options. 

Meanwhile, Apple faces scrutiny from the European Commission for potentially stifling competition with its App Store rules, which could result in hefty fines. And, Fox Corporation is set to shake up the UK streaming market by launching Tubi, a free, ad-supported platform boasting over 20,000 titles.

Walmart+ subscribers break the 30% mark

Walmart+ is seeing impressive growth, with over 30% of consumers now subscribing or having access to the service, according to a recent PYMNTS Intelligence report. Walmart's CFO highlighted that Walmart+ members are spending more and engaging frequently, attributing growth to improved fulfillment. Read more on PYMNTS.

Netflix is saying goodbye to its most affordable ad-free plan

Netflix is phasing out its most affordable ad-free plan, leaving subscribers to either pay more or switch to a plan with ads. Netflix assures customers they'll get more value, even at the lower price point, and can always opt for an ad-free experience if they prefer. Read more on The Washington Times.

Apple’s App Store rules might be blocking competition and could lead to huge fines

The European Commission has accused Apple of using its App Store rules to stifle competition, potentially violating the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This follows an investigation launched in March, which found that Apple’s policies prevent developers from directing customers to alternative payment methods and charge excessive fees. Read more on Forbes.

Fox is launching a free Netflix alternative in the UK

Rupert Murdoch's Fox Corporation is bringing its free, ad-supported streaming platform, Tubi, to the UK, aiming to compete with giants like Netflix, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer. Already popular in the US with nearly 80 million monthly users, Tubi will launch in the UK with over 20,000 films and TV series, featuring content from major studios and a variety of international offerings. Read more on BBC.

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