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FabFitFun's next-gen subscriber experience with AI & personalization

Learn from the insights of Recurly’s and FabFitFun’s CEOs on:

  • AI’s potential applications in the subscription business model, such as improving marketing to refining customer service
  • Personalization to drive customer engagement and foster long-term client loyalty

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The future of subscriptions: AI, personalization & more with FabFitFun

Discover how to elevate your subscriber experience with exclusive insights from the FabFitFun Co-founder and Co-CEO, Michael Broukhim, and Recurly CEO, Joe Rohrlich.

Why this is a can’t-miss opportunity:

  • Why watch? Learn directly from consumer subscription industry leaders as they discuss the future of subscriber engagement through cutting-edge personalization and AI technologies.

  • What will you gain? Uncover strategies to revolutionize subscriber retention, enhance lifetime value (LTV), and minimize your involuntary churn rate.

  • How can you benefit? With 74% of subscribers ranking personalization as the top reason to subscribe, transform your approach to subscriptions with actionable takeaways and innovative solutions that drive subscriber satisfaction and revenue.

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