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The critical payment experience in consumer subscriptions

Learn how to transform billing and payments into a growth engine:

  • Strengthen the payment experience for faster, more profitable growth
  • Deploy effective strategies to increase acquisition, bolster retention, and increase lifetime value through payment enhancements

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In the rapidly evolving world of subscription management and recurring billing, understanding the pivotal role of payment experience is crucial for your business's growth. This event is designed exclusively for subscription professionals determined to push their company's success to the next level.

This virtual event addresses the key challenges that hold back your subscription potential, equipping you with the knowledge to unlock new opportunities for growth. Hear from Jonas Flodh, Lina Tonk, and guest speaker Lily Varon as they dissect the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Recurly in April 2024. 

Key takeaways:

  • Profitable growth: Tactics for honing your payment systems to boost profits and squash the “silent killer”—failed payments.

  • Subscription maturity: Prioritize mature subscription systems to elevate the payment experience and exceed customer expectations

  • Actionable strategies: Best practices for fortifying payment experiences to bolster subscriber acquisition and retention—while improving subscriber lifetime value.

Pay attention to the payment experience as an integral facet of subscriber acquisition and retention. Engage with the experts as they reveal pivotal insights on fortifying your subscription strategy in a market where subscriber demands are continually shifting.

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Lily Varon, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Lily Varon

Principal Analyst


Jonas Flodh headshot

Jonas Flodh

Chief Product Officer


Lina Tonk, CMO, Recurly

Lina Tonk

Chief Marketing Officer