Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! From tackling digital resilience to the rise of TikTok Shop in beauty and Ferrari's bold electric vehicle strategy, it's been a week packed with tech and business innovations. Tony Allen, Recurly’s CTO emphasizes the importance of robust digital systems in subscription services. Meanwhile, TikTok's influence on beauty retail continues to grow, challenging even Amazon. Ferrari's $7,500 battery subscription marks a significant shift in automotive innovation. Lastly, Juniper Research forecasts a surge in digital video subscriptions to 3.5 billion by 2028, with emerging markets playing a pivotal role in this growth.

Summiting the peak of peak performance 

We all know we live in a digital world where technology keeps advancing every year. But despite this, we’ve seen a shocking number of software failures and service outages, with big brands hitting the headlines almost weekly due to digital issues. In his latest article, Tony Allen, Chief Technology Officer at Recurly, highlights that building resilience into your digital systems isn’t optional; it’s a must, especially in subscription-based services, where downtime can frustrate customers who expect 24/7 access. Read more on Finance Derivative.

TikTok Shop is huge for the beauty industry

TikTok Shop is making waves in the beauty industry, quickly climbing the ranks to become the ninth-biggest online beauty and wellness retailer in the U.S. and the second-largest in the UK, according to a report by Dash Hudson and NielsenIQ. With beauty content being one of TikTok's most popular categories, the app is transforming from just a video platform to a serious shopping destination, even competing with giants like Amazon. Read more on The Verge.

Ferrari's new $7,500 battery subscription

Ferrari, renowned for its high-performance gasoline engines, is venturing into the realm of electric vehicles with a bold new strategy: a $7,500 annual battery subscription plan for its upcoming hybrid and electric models. This innovative approach, reported by Bloomberg, marks a departure from traditional warranties, signaling Ferrari’s commitment to maintaining optimal performance and resale value in its electric fleet. Read more on TechStory.

Digital video subscriptions will surge to 3.5 billion by 2028

According to Juniper Research, global digital video subscriptions are set to soar to 3.5 billion by 2028, up from 3.1 billion in 2024. Emerging markets present a promising organic growth opportunity. The report highlights that investing in localized content and telecom partnerships will be crucial to tapping into these markets effectively. Read more on Juniper Research.

Dunning done right: 12% subscription revenue lift with Recurly

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