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How to build lasting subscriber relationships with Alaska Airlines & The Guardian

Hear directly from industry powerhouses about their experiences in:

  • Balancing short-term retention tactics and long-term loyalty building
  • The importance of fostering community and user engagement
  • Perfecting your “brilliant basics” in a subscription-based business

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The real deal on subscriber retention & loyalty with Alaska Airlines & The Guardian

Hear from Taylor Putnam, Principal Commercial Product Manager at Alaska Airlines, and Emilie Harkin, SVP of Growth at The Guardian, as they unveil the secrets behind their success in subscriber retention and loyalty. 

Why this is a can’t-miss opportunity:

  • Why watch? Hear how The Guardian retains one million digital subscribers and Alaska Airlines builds loyalty for its new travel planning service.

  • What will you gain? Actionable strategies that you can immediately implement to enhance your subscriber relations and LTV, such as A/B and multi-derivative testing, or layering personalization effectively.

  • How will you benefit? Whether you're looking to overhaul your onboarding process, seeking innovative ways to build stronger bonds with your subscribers, or aiming to boost your LTV, this session is tailored for you.

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