Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! First up, the European subscription market is thriving, even with tight budgets and rising prices. A whopping 60% of Brits would jump on more subscriptions if they could afford it. Subscriptions are transforming how we view ownership itself. Spotify is rolling out an extra-premium tier for those who crave top-notch audio quality and smart playlist tools. And, while streaming prices are on the rise again, these hikes are about adding value, pushing us toward more cost-effective ad-supported tiers, and offering bundles that save us money in the long run.

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European subscription market is still booming despite tight budgets

Despite rising prices and password-sharing crackdowns, Europeans are still big fans of subscription services. A study found that 60% of British consumers would sign up for more subscriptions if they could afford it. A survey of 5,000 people across the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy revealed a strong interest in subscriptions, even though Europeans generally spend less on them than Americans. Read more on StreamTV Insider.

Subscriptions are rewriting the rules of ownership

From Netflix and Spotify to mobile phones, furniture, and home appliances, almost everything is available on a subscription basis these days. The idea of outright ownership is starting to feel a bit old-fashioned. According to FT Strategies, half of consumers believe subscriptions let them access products and lifestyles they couldn't otherwise afford. Is this the future of consumerism? Can subscribing really replace buying? Read more on CNA.

Spotify has a new tier for the ultimate music nerds

Spotify is reportedly gearing up to launch an extra-premium subscription for true music nerds. This new tier, set to debut later this year, will offer better audio quality and advanced playlist tools, according to Bloomberg. Besides superior sound, this new tier will also introduce tools to create custom playlists tailored to specific activities or seasons. Spotify will learn your preferences and eventually craft playlists without any input from you. Read more on Business Insider.

Streaming prices are hiking again–and why it's not all bad news!

Hold onto your remotes and earbuds! Streaming services are raising their prices again, but don’t fret–there’s more to this story than just higher bills. But why the hike? It’s not just about charging more; it’s about adding value. These price increases are also strategic moves; they aim to nudge users towards more lucrative ad-supported tiers and bundled services. Moreover, bundles are making a big comeback, services are teaming up to offer packages that reduce churn and attract new subscribers. Read more on The Hollywood Reporter.

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