Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! Ready to dive into the world of subscriptions, growth, partnerships, and tech upgrades? Buckle up, because Recurly's got the scoop on all the latest happenings. Guy Meyers has all the insights CFOs need to thrive in the subscription industry.  Our new CMO, Lina Tonk, discusses the future of B2B SaaS marketing and the transformative power of technology in driving success. Charter Communications and Paramount Global are extending their collaboration, and Amazon is taking Alexa to new heights with monthly subscription plans.

Subscription models: What CFOs must know

Subscriptions are everywhere. Gone are the days when subscriptions were just for newspapers. Guy Meyers, Regional Director of Customer Success, EMEA at Recurly, has all the insights: people are more than happy to splurge on subscriptions they love. Despite all the buzz about'subscription fatigue,' the numbers don't lie—subscription services are booming, with 16% growth in overall subscriber numbers among Recurly's customers. So, don't buy into the hype about a subscription apocalypse; instead, embrace the opportunity to make your subscription service irresistible. Read more on Raconteur.

Unlocking growth and the future of B2B SaaS marketing

Lina Tonk, Recurly's new CMO, recently had a chat with the folks over at MarTech Series. In her interview, Lina dives deep into the dynamic world of B2B SaaS marketing, spotlighting why marketing tech is a must-have for growth leaders. She discusses how marketing can transform a company from a startup into a thriving success story. It's all about harnessing the power of technology to drive growth and innovation! Read more on MarTech Series.

Charter and Paramount reach sweeping new deal

Charter Communications and Paramount Global have sealed the deal on a multi-year partnership extension. Charter's making sure everyone's included. Internet-only customers are not left out, and they’ll soon have the option to snag Paramount's direct-to-consumer goodies too. Charter and Paramount are teaming up to take advertising to the next level, and they're doubling down on their partnership to supercharge Spectrum Reach, Charter's advertising sales business. Read more on CSI Magazine.

Amazon’s upgrading Alexa with monthly subscription plans

Amazon's leveling up its voice assistant, Alexa, with an AI upgrade along with a monthly subscription plan. The idea is to make Alexa more conversational and smarter than ever, and with over 500 million Alexa-enabled devices out there, they're doubling down on making Alexa the ultimate smart assistant. Read more on CNCB.

Learn how to transform billing and payments into a growth engine 📈🌱

In the rapidly evolving world of subscription management and recurring billing, understanding the pivotal role of payment experience is crucial for your business. This on-demand event addresses the key challenges that hold back your subscription potential, equipping you with the knowledge to unlock new opportunities for growth. Watch on-demand.

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