Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! Spotify has quietly slipped lyrics behind a paywall–it seems like they're nudging free users towards those coveted premium subscriptions. The Atlantic is shaking things up by reaching out to college students with a new subscription deal. It's their first crack at something like this, and it's got everyone talking. And, we're taking a trip to Southeast Asia, where video-on-demand subscriptions are hitting record highs.

Spotify sneaks lyrics behind a paywall

Spotify has made a strategic move by putting lyrics behind a paywall, a decision likely aimed at nudging free users toward paid subscriptions. While the company hasn't issued a direct statement, reports and user opinions on social media hint at the change. Although the company hasn't explicitly stated the reasons behind this shift, it's evidently part of a strategy to bolster its premium subscriber base. Read more on Tech Crunch.

The Atlantic goes after college students with a new subscription offering

The Atlantic has ventured into a new territory by targeting college students with a specialized group subscription, marking its first foray into such an offering in its long history. This move is strategic, aiming to tap into a demographic hungry for content while simultaneously future-proofing their reader base. Read more on AdWeek.

The ins and outs of subscription services: What you need to know

Subscriptions are everywhere, from streaming services to meal kits, and they've become a staple of modern consumer life. The FTC wants to make things easier with a "click to cancel" rule. But lobbyists are pushing back, saying it could cost businesses big bucks. Subscriptions aren't going anywhere, but some of them need a serious makeover, making the exit as smooth as the entrance. Read more on Forbes.

Streaming subscriptions skyrocket in Southeast Asia

According to a study, video-on-demand subscriptions hit all-time highs in the first quarter of this year, bouncing back from a rough 2023. The data from Media Partners Asia and AMPD showed steady VOD usage, with over 48.5 million paying subscribers across five countries, and subscription revenue soared to a record-breaking $381 million for the region. Read more on Variety

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