In January, we shared exciting news—the inclusion of built-in benchmarks in Recurly Reporting & Analytics. Your responses were overwhelmingly positive, so we’ve come back with more! 

Six new built-in acquisition and retention benchmarks

The first built-in benchmarks Recurly rolled out focused on churn metrics. Now, we’ve turned our sights on the hot-button metrics surrounding subscriber acquisition and churn. 

Use these benchmarks to gain a clear view of your position in the competitive subscription landscape among companies in your industry:

  • Acquisition rate: % of active subscribers that are new each month

  • Signup decline rate: % of initial signup transactions that fail

  • Churn rate: % of active subscribers that expire each month

    • Voluntary churn rate: % of active subscribers that voluntarily stop paying each month

    • Involuntary churn rate: % of active subscribers that involuntarily stop paying each month

  • Dunning recovery rate: % of renewal invoices that entered dunning and were recovered during the dunning window

Watch the video below to get more details. 

We’re not done yet

Recurly is one of the first companies to analyze and share subscription analytics across key industries. We draw from our rich repository of subscription data from thousands of brands globally, building the barometer you can use to measure and ultimately improve your performance. 

Stay connected for further updates as we continue to redefine the subscription management experience by adding additional built-in benchmarks that can help you grow your subscription business faster, smarter, and stronger.