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Navigating in-app subscription policies with Recurly

Join us at our London offices for breakfast on December 8th at 9am GMT.

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Earlier this year we saw Netflix update their iOS app to include a "join now" button that links to a subscription page on their .com. But what does this mean for other app developers? In this session discuss with a team of industry experts what this could mean for In-app requirements and how selling subscriptions In-App will become easier. 

  • Have you held back from launching an app because of the 30% revenue deductions? 

  • What opportunities will these removed restrictions offer for businesses looking to entering the app space?

Join a group of subscription industry executives for an intimate conversation while we take a look at some of the changes Apple and Google are making to their policies, and what this could mean for media and digital content in the future.

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December 08, 2022

2022-12-08 04:00:00 -0500

Featured speakers
Hannah Wheeldon headshot

Hannah Wheeldon

Strategic Customer Success Manager


Henrik Flordal headshot

Henrik Flordal

Customer Enablement Manager EMEA


About the speakers

Hannah Wheeldon

With a background in launching digital products for globally recognised publishers in New York and London, Hannah is experienced at using innovative technology to help customers grow their business. Through her app knowledge and global strategy experience, Hannah will lead the topics surrounding in-app histories and developments.

Henrik Flordal

Recurlys expert in customer enablement and with many years of working within the subscription industry Henrik knows the Recurly offering and the solutions, inside out.