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Unwrap the subscriptions: 2023 Holiday trends

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What motivates subscribers to purchase gift subscriptions & what they want in one
  • How to accelerate conversion and acquisition to position your business for success
  • Tips to convert recipients into long-term subscribers to boost recurring revenue

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Uncover the biggest consumer trends this season

  • The opportunity you have in leveraging gift subscriptions during the holidays to boost customer acquisition and recurring revenue
  • Survey data from 2,000 consumers in the U.S. and U.K. that reveals how givers and recipients are thinking about gift subscriptions this holiday season—how much they’re willing to spend, the categories they’re most interested in, and what it takes to convert them to subscribers
  • The latest subscription trends to consider for the holiday season and beyond (gifting isn’t only for the holiday season)
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53% of respondents are interested in giving gift subscriptions this holiday season

As the holiday season draws near, the window to prepare for the upcoming festivities is quickly narrowing. Recurly research reinforces a clear market trend that reveals a shared inclination among both gift givers and recipients for gift subscriptions as presents, so seize the opportunity to nurture subscriber relationships, boost subscriber acquisition, and expand recurring revenue opportunities.

Unwrap the subscriptions: 2023 Holiday trends body image

The time is now–gift subscriptions can boost acquisition and recurring revenue

A hypercompetitive market is forcing a requirement for hyper-efficient subscriber acquisition, and gift subscriptions are one powerful lever you can pull. The same can be said for driving customer loyalty - the most efficient growth tactic you have is to retain your current subscribers. Easy to set up and manage with the right subscription management and billing platform. 

Unwrap this report and discover the trends in gift subscriptions you could be leveraging to drive profitable growth.