Hello, and Happy New Year! 

While the weather outside has been balmy (for most of us), we hunkered down and readied the 2023/2024 winter product launch including a revamp of our Recurly Product Docs site to make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Let us know how you like it. 

Here’s what’s new in the Recurly platform:

New Braze integration unlocks the power of personalization

We're thrilled to announce the new integration between Recurly and Braze. Braze is an industry-leading customer engagement platform that automates personalized cross-channel communications to enhance engagement, drive retention, and improve the user experience. The integration combines real-time subscription data from Recurly with Braze’s customer engagement platform, allowing you to craft and deliver real-time, hyper-personalized messages across communication channels. The Braze integration is available to merchants on the Recurly Elite plan.

How it works

The integration between Recurly and Braze allows you to build and automate contextual and cross-channel communications with subscribers seamlessly. 

  • Automate the data sync of subscription lifecycle events and customer attributes

  • Trigger personalized campaigns and communications based on subscription lifecycle events in Recurly (think renewals, pauses, and cancellations)

  • Execute cohort-specific campaigns and communications using Recurly subscription data

What it means to you

With direct access to actionable subscription data within Braze, you can automate hyper-personalized subscriber communications throughout the subscriber lifestyle—delivering messages that adapt, respond, and evolve based on individual customer behaviors and preferences. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined operations: Ensures a seamless, secure flow of real-time subscriber information between your subscription management and customer engagement platforms.

  • Consistent cross-channel experience: Delivers and maintains a cohesive brand experience across email, mobile, and web, fostering a stronger connection with your brand.

  • Enhanced subscriber retention: Keeps your subscribers engaged and reduces churn by delivering timely, targeted messages based on their subscription history and behavior.

  •  Data-driven decision-making: Leverage real-time insights to identify subscription and subscriber trends, measure campaign effectiveness, and make informed decisions.

  • Compliance and security: Gain peace of mind knowing that you’re handling subscription and customer engagement activity data with the utmost security and compliance.  

Support for additional tax regions

We have added support for additional tax calculation regions to the Recurly in-the-box tax solution. You can view a complete list of supported regions here.

Hide (or not) the currency dropdown on your HPP checkout page

Merchants using the Hosted Payment Page can now choose whether to hide the currency dropdown menu on the checkout page or continue to display it. This will help deter "currency hopping," where customers can select a currency set at a lower price point for their purchase.

If you have questions about the new features, contact us at product-management@recurly.com, and we’ll get you the answers you need.