We're thrilled to announce the new integration between Recurly and Braze,  an industry-leading customer engagement platform that automates personalized cross-channel communications to enhance engagement, drive retention, and improve the user experience. The integration combines real-time subscription data from Recurly with the Braze customer engagement platform, allowing you to craft and deliver real-time, highly personalized messages across a range of communication channels. How does it work and who will it help? Here’s the lowdown.

Individually tailor the subscriber journey

With direct access to actionable subscription data within Braze, you can automate real-time, personalized subscriber communications throughout the subscriber lifecycle—delivering messages that adapt, respond, and evolve based on individual customer behaviors and preferences. We’re talking messages that keep your subscribers riveted from sign-up to renewal and every touchpoint in between. Plus, you can leverage the Braze platform's powerful segmentation capabilities to precisely target specific subscriber segments, making your messages especially relevant and impactful.

How it works

The new integration between Recurly and Braze allows you to seamlessly create and automate contextual and cross-channel communications with subscribers.

  • Subscription events: Leverage Recurly subscription lifecycle events (e.g., subscription renewals, pauses, cancellations) in Braze to trigger personalized campaigns and communications.

  • Subscription data: Leverage Recurly subscription data (e.g., subscription plans, add-ons, statuses) to create and manage Braze users, segments, and Canvases for cohort-specific campaigns and communications. 

  • Data sync: Automate the data sync of subscription lifecycle events and customer attributes to Braze, reducing developmental overhead costs.

Who it helps

It creates the dream team for marketers

Marketing teams that use Braze will gain access to real-time subscription data that allows you to deliver individually personalized and lifecycle-relevant communications to subscribers, deepening engagement and squelching churn.

  • Consistent cross-channel experience: Maintain a cohesive brand experience across email, mobile, and web, fostering a stronger connection with your brand.

  • Enhanced subscriber retention: Keep subscribers engaged and reduce churn by delivering timely, targeted messages based on their subscription history and behavior.

  • Data-driven decision-making: Leverage real-time insights to identify subscription and subscriber trends, measure campaign effectiveness, and make informed decisions.

It’s an ideal development for developers

Developers benefit from a simple, secure implementation that doesn’t stress their already limited resources. 

  • Faster time to value: Quick and seamless implementation that minimizes setup time and resources, freeing your team to focus on your core products and services.

  • Streamlined operations: Ensures a seamless, secure flow of real-time subscriber data between your subscription management and customer engagement platforms.

  • Compliance and security: Gain peace of mind knowing your subscriber, subscription, and customer engagement data is handled with the utmost security and compliance.

Braze and Recurly share a commitment to helping merchants grow their businesses by creating exceptional customer experiences,  so you can efficiently deliver relevant and impactful subscriber communications across any channel.