It’s fall, and as you enjoy (or eschew) your pumpkin spice latte, read on for the season’s bounty of new Recurly features. This release has more of everyone’s favorite treat—data and analytics.

App management goes full circle

Now app management has even more power to inform and help manage your cross-platform subscriptions. Learn more.

  1. App management now tracks a subscription’s complete lifecycle from free trial to paid to past due to recovered to canceled to expired. 

  2. Use the export option to download subscriber lifecycle states and make use of them in your own analytics and reporting.

  3. In addition, Recurly will automatically deny (or allow) services through its entitlements feature based on each of these states as well as handle entitlements for grace period scenarios on past due subscriptions and refund scenarios. 

Updated analytics & new dashboards

Subscription analytics are vital to your success, so we’ve added more intuitive navigation and two new dashboards with this release.

  • Updated navigation menu: Within the Recurly UI, we’ve made a subtle change to the navigation menu by grouping similar dashboards together, making it easier to find specific dashboards and discover new ones. 

  • Two new dashboards: To make it simpler to discover which plans are performing and which trial offers are converting, we activated two dashboards for Starter (formerly Core) plan merchants—at no cost to you.

    • Plan performance: Compare the performance of distinct plans across eight different performance metrics, including trial conversion rates, churn rates, subscription totals, and subscription growth. Learn more.

    • Trial performance: Track the performance of subscription trials and monitor the conversion rates from trial to active subscriptions. Learn more.

New site activities report

Get quick, comprehensive insight into what’s happening on your Recurly site—making it an ideal audit tool. Similar to the Account Activities export, which focuses on customer account-level actions, the Site Activities export zeroes in on changes and actions pertaining to the Recurly site itself: plan modifications, site setting updates, user management alterations, user login activities, and more. The Site Activities report is included in Recurly Elite plan, and is available as an add-on for Starter and Pro plans. Learn more.

Expanded global capabilities

Take your subscription business across borders with additional global capabilities—available now. 

  1. Multi-currency is now available to all Recurly merchants including Starter plans. You can now activate any or all 140 unique currencies on your Recurly site to begin adding new price points to plans for localized pricing across the globe. Learn more.

  2. Confidently operate in Germany knowing you’re compliant with the mandate that requires the inclusion of the subscription cancellation time and date stamp in emails sent to local customers. Learn more.

  3. Merchants operating in Brazil can feel confident they are providing the required Tax ID numbers from each transaction for each customer to the Brazilian government. Learn more.

If you have questions about the new features, contact us at, and we’ll get you the answers you need.