Welcome back to your favorite newsletter, Subscriptions Weekly. This week has been interesting for Disney+, which delighted its subscribers with promotions, discounts, and a presumed upcoming loyalty program. 

In the world of payments, Android app developers in more countries can now opt to offer third-party payments on Google Play. Lastly, SWIFT plans to fully adopt ISO 20022 by 2025–what would this mean for cross-border transactions?

Keeping the momentum: Disney+ Day & loyalty program

It’s been a busy week in the Disney streaming headquarters. The brand doesn’t seem to stop working on new ways to keep subscribers hooked on its products. 

This year’s Disney+ Day offered a series of benefits for subscribers on Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Resorts, shopDisney, Disney Publishing Worldwide, National Geographic Digital Subscription, Disney Movie Insiders Bonus Points, Uber One, and the D23 Expo. Read more on The Disney Blog.

Additionally, the brand is considering a loyalty program for member-only discounts and perks on streaming services, theme parks, merchandise, and other products and services. While pricing and actual benefits haven’t been shared, the program could be launched later this year. Learn more on Subscription Insider. 

Retention and customer experience go hand in hand. Disney+ is an excellent example of how an omnichannel approach provides value over time to build subscriber loyalty. Discover five proven ways to increase subscription loyalty for scale. 

Google Play Store continues expanding third-party payments

Google’s User Choice Billing is now available for non-gaming Android app developers in the European Economic Area (EEA), India, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. Developers will see a 4% decrease in service fees when users opt for a third-party billing option and will have to deal with customer billing disputes. Continue reading on PYMNTS.

Should ISO 20022 be the standard for global payments?

The ISO 20022 standard covers financial information between financial institutions and corporates. This year, SWIFT– the financial messaging network provider–has committed to fully adopting ISO 20022 for some messages by November 2025 and is urging all financial institutions to adopt it for cross-border payments. Learn more on Forbes. 

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