Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! It’s been busy days for subscription businesses, especially in streaming: Paramount+ and Showtime are bundling in-app, Netflix hints at its ad-supported plan price, and Apple Podcast reveals a 300% growth in subscribers. 

At the same time, Twitter is set to enable an edit button on Twitter Blue, and Nokia has launched an eco-minded subscription service. 

Lastly, Recurly becomes available for Google Cloud Marketplace and PYMNTS advice on preparing for peak sale season with compelling payment and fraud orchestration strategies. 

New Paramount+ and Showtime in-app bundle

It’s finally here—Paramount+ and Showtime in a single app. Now U.S. subscribers can upgrade to a plan that includes both streaming services. Consumers can enjoy an introductory price of $7.99/month before October 2. After that, the bundle will cost $11.99/month or $14.99/month. Learn more on TechCrunch. 

Netflix’s ad-supported tier price reveal

After partnering with Microsoft to develop an ad-backed tier, the streaming giant mulls charging $7 - $9 monthly for it. Netflix plans to launch its budget-friendly option during Q4 of 2022; however, the final full rollout may have to wait until early next year. Keep reading on Reuters. 

Apple Podcast sees a 300% growth in subscribers

While official figures on Apple’s subscribers remain a mystery, Digiday confirms that Apple Podcast subscribers have increased by more than 300% since June 2021. Learn more on Apple insider. 

It’s no surprise that streaming is taking over the world of recurring revenue business. U.S. consumers have at least one streaming video (87%) and streaming audio (46%) subscription. How do streamers win–and keep–customers despite the ever-changing consumer habits? Theresa McEndree, Recurly's CMO, shares her insights. 

Twitter will enable the edit button for subscribers

The long-awaited, top-requested edit button is coming to Twitter Blue subscribers. For years, users have demanded the ability to edit tweets to fix typos. Now, they’ll be able to edit them within 30 minutes of publication. Read more on Reuters.

New Nokia phone subscription plan

HMD has announced their new Nokia smartphones alongside an eco-minded subscription service for Europe. Circular’s pricing starts at a £10 ($11.5) monthly fee and a £30 ($37) sign-up cost to get accidental damage, loss, or theft coverage. Plus, they’ll be able to collect redeemable points to plant trees, reduce plastic waste in rivers, and provide internet connectivity to those without it. Learn more on Tech Advisor.

Recurly is available on Google Cloud Marketplace

We're set to keep a good thing growing with Google Cloud Marketplace. Now, Google Cloud customers can partner with Recurly using a streamlined procurement process to grow faster. Read more about our partnership.

Fraud orchestration offers extra security during peak sales

Fraud is generally aligned with any new payments innovations or economic uncertainty.

- Amanda Mickleburgh, Product Director for fraud, ACI Worldwide

Nowadays, peak selling season can be at any time of the year, and fraud is guaranteed. Businesses must align their fraud orchestration and payment strategy to provide an effective line of defense–focusing on maximizing revenue, minimizing fraud, and ensuring uninterrupted buying journeys Learn more on PYMNTS.

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