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The fast-to-deploy, rapid ROI subscription platform

Flexible, configurable, scalable—and easy to use.

Not having to worry about managing subscription billing because Recurly handles that for us has been huge. It has enabled us to focus on the elements that are core to our business—the customer experience and the box.

Becky Segal — VP, Platform Engineering


Recurly recovered $1B in revenue in 2022

We know a little something about maximizing subscription revenue and subscriber lifetime value.

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Recognized as a leader in subscription management from the G2 community

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Everything you need to launch and scale your subscription business—from acquisition and retention to growth.

Plans, pricing & promotions

Quickly set up, test, and adjust endless plans, packages, and promotions.

  • Pricing models
  • Plans and add-ons
  • Item catalog
  • Free trials
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Gift plans and gift cards
Recurly pricing configuration illustration

Subscriber management

Thoughtfully manage and engage subscribers throughout their journey.

  • Account hierarchy
  • Account and customer view
  • Multi-subscription support
  • Lifecycle communications
  • Dunning campaigns
  • Advanced email deliverability
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Recurring billing

Streamline the entire subscription billing cycle and keep the cash flowing.

  • Multiple currencies
  • Automated & manual invoicing
  • Invoice customization
  • Calendar billing
  • Charges and credits
  • Global and local taxes
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Payments orchestration

Implement a multi-payment strategy that’s automated, secure, and error-free.

  • 20+ payment gateways
  • 10+ payment methods
  • Custom gateway routing
  • Gateway failover
  • Fraud management
  • Subscriber wallet
Recurly payment orchestration image

Churn management

Increase retention and lifetime value through best-in-class revenue recovery tools.

  • Account updater
  • Automated retries
  • Dunning campaigns
  • Subscription pause
  • Backup payment methods
Recurly churn management

Reporting & analytics

Get the insights you need to inform your decisions about business growth.

  • Subscriber performance
  • Plan performance
  • Cohort analysis
  • MRR revenue & growth
  • Retention analysis
  • Churn analysis
  • Recovered revenue
  • Dunning effectiveness

Integration partners

Connect to your existing workflows and tech stack using pre-built integrations.

  • Account & ERP
  • Global & local taxes
  • Fraud management
  • Sales, marketing & services
  • Data & analytics
Recurly prebuilt integrations
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We investigated several billing options, and Recurly clearly stood out from the rest. Recurly has a simple, intuitive product, a friendly approach, and reasonable pricing. And most importantly, Recurly was designed for subscription businesses like ours.

Szymon Klimczak— Chief Marketing Officer
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