Our Recurly engineering team has been hard at work on two new product features that will keep you in compliance and in the know. Here’s what’s new this month. 

Enhanced Mastercard payment notifications

Going into effect on September 22, 2022, Mastercard has issued a new mandate that requires merchants to send payment confirmation emails to customers paying with Mastercard. To help you stay compliant, we’ve added new functionality that allows you to configure automatic payment confirmation emails to be sent to all customers or segmented to send only to Mastercard customers for each successful payment. In addition, you can customize the payment confirmation emails to include your own details on how a customer may cancel their subscription, which is also required by the new mandate.

Key benefits include: 

  • Stay compliant with the new Mastercard mandate

  • Easily configure payment confirmation emails to all customers or specific customers using Mastercard for payment

  • Personalize the communication for particular customer groups to provide unique messaging and instructions  

New Account Activities export

You told us you wanted a single comprehensive view into all activity logging data—and we listened. The new Account Activities report gives merchants critical visibility into who’s doing what and when relating to your customers’ accounts. The report includes granular timestamped activity data that can be important for audits. Easily filter the report to identify a specific activity or set of activities, and export the reports as needed. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Save significant time with easy and bulk access to individual and timestamped activities

  • Create customized reporting and analytics of account activities

  • Mitigate risk with accurate reporting for audits

And there’s more product goodness coming next month so stay tuned. Questions about this month’s release? Contact us at product-management@recurly.com and we’ll get you the answers you need.