Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! First stop: May the Fourth festivities! We're diving into the hyperdrive-fueled world of streaming and how it's given the beloved franchise, Star Wars, a fresh lease on life. Loyalty programs are like the Force—powerful but tricky to wield. But fear not! We're exploring how adding a subscription twist can keep you from hearing the dreaded "unsubscribe.” A powerful alliance might be forming in the galaxy! Kroger and Disney are plotting to join forces, potentially bringing Disney+ to the table for Kroger Boost subscribers. And last but not least, subscriptions are becoming a must-have in the world of fashion. 

May the Fourth: How streaming has powered the Return of the Jedi

We're diving into the hyperdrive-fueled world of streaming and how it's given our beloved franchise, Star Wars, a fresh lease on life. Guy Meyers, Regional Director of Customer Success in EMEA at Recurly and the Obi-Wan Kenobi of subscription services, is steering us through the asteroid field of modern streaming. Guy knows that to keep us hooked, you have to keep the content flowing faster than a podrace on Tatooine. Read more on Broadcast

Unleashing subscription magic to amp up rewards and boost loyalty

Loyalty programs are pretty popular, with more than half of us signing up for at least one. And when we do, we tend to splurge more on those brands. But if the rewards take too long to earn, we're out faster than you can say "unsubscribe." So, what's the solution? Well, how about throwing a subscription into the mix? Read more on Retail TouchPoints.

Kroger and Disney want to join forces

Rumor has it Kroger and Disney are chatting about teaming up to bring Disney+ to the table for Kroger Boost subscribers. According to the pros, it's not just about the goodies; it's about speed and ease these days. People want their stuff fast and hassle-free, and subscriptions are like the express lane to retail bliss. Read more on PYMNTS.

Subscriptions are the hottest trend in town

The world of fashion is changing, and it looks like subscriptions are in style. According to the RetailX Global Fashion 2024 report, fashionistas everywhere are ditching the traditional shopping spree for something a bit more... subscription-y. Read more on Internet Retailing.

Learn how to transform billing and payments into a growth engine

In the rapidly evolving world of subscription management and recurring billing, understanding the pivotal role of payment experience is crucial for your business. This virtual event addresses the key challenges that hold back your subscription potential, equipping you with the knowledge to unlock new opportunities for growth. Register now.

🗓️ Watch on-demand. Subscription Sessions: the secrets to retention, loyalty, and churn management

It’s a fact: Keeping existing subscribers happy is cheaper than finding new ones. Here’s how industry leaders from Alaska Airlines, FabFitFun, Roku, and The Guardian are crushing churn and building loyalty. Tactics and real-world examples will provide your growth, product, tech, and finance teams with the tips they need to drive retention, renewals, and upsells. Access all the on-demand sessions here.

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