Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! We're prepping for the long weekend and retailers want you to spice up your closet without giving your wallet a workout. Target is all about upping its game to treat you like retail royalty by considering a premium membership program to compete with the big league players. Meanwhile, over in media land, The New York Times is not just serving up hot headlines, it's serving up success.

Mixing up your fit without stressing your wallet

41% of style-savvy shoppers are catching onto the Buy Now, Pay Later for their wardrobe hauls. Retailers are getting the hint and now it's easier than ever to snag that must-have item and pay as you go. Read more on PYMNTS.

The New York Times isn't just breaking news, it's smashing records

Hold the front page! The New York Times surpassed a whopping $1 billion in annual digital revenue. What’s their game plan? They're all about mixing it up with different subscription models and investing in the latest tech to stay ahead of the curve. Read more on Subscription Insider.

Shop more, save big. Target considers premium membership program

Taking a cue from Amazon Prime and Walmart+, Target wants to offer even more perks to its loyal shoppers. Details? Still under wraps. But one thing's for sure, research shows that subscription models can significantly increase customer spending compared to free loyalty programs. Read more on Inc.

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