Subscription pricing & packaging: How to optimize and implement

Leading consumer pricing experts share tactical strategies to:

  • Maximize subscription revenue: Strategically price products and services for new and existing subscribers
  • Embrace pricing flexibility: Leverage technology to enable personalization within pricing and packaging

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Part 1: How to test & optimize pricing models to maximize revenue

Dynamic, usage-based, trials–the nuances and complexities of your subscription pricing strategy are endless. That’s where Matt Lindsay, CEO of Mather Economics comes in. With 25 years of experience leading consumer pricing strategies for brands like Tribune, IHG, Coca-Cola, UPS, Dow Jones, and Chick-fil-A, Lindsay will walk you through: 

  • Pricing trends and benchmark data by industry

  • How to best handle renewals, upgrades, and win-backs

  • Predictive analytical models and running an effective A/B test

Part 2: How to deliver pricing flexibility through your product and tech stack

74% of consumers say the ability to personalize is their top reason to subscribe. Hear from Niraj Naik, VP of Product Management at Recurly, on how to build out your billing and payment experience to deliver pricing flexibility and personalization.

Matt Lindsay, CEO of Mather Economics, headshot

Matt Lindsay


Mather Economics

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Niraj Naik

VP of Product Management