Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! This time, we review how bundles have helped subscription companies–especially in the digital publishing sector–to increase their customer base. We check on X’s subscription tiers test, Amazon’s “Buy Again” feature, and Netflix UK’s slowed-down growth. 

Bundling up: The secret to subscriber success

Top news organizations are strengthening their subscription bundles by focusing on convenience, value for money and variety of choice. In an era where subscription fatigue threatens companies, the New York Times gained nearly 200,000 subscribers last quarter. It is the result of a calculated and thoughtful strategy about subscription bundling. Learn more on Journalism.

X to test three tiers of its Premium service

X, formerly Twitter, plans to test three tiers of its Premium service to bring in additional revenue. The idea is to split the current $7.99 Premium subscription into three different plans at various price points. The change would potentially allow X to grow revenues despite the loss in advertising dollars that the company has faced since Elon Musk’s takeover. Read more on TechCrunch. 

Amazon’s “Buy Again” hopes to rekindle subscription momentum

To monetize its ecosystem of customers, Amazon is testing a new “Buy Again” feature on its app—designed to prod users to repeat purchases. “Buy Again” users might hit the button enough to realize that it’s easier to pivot to Prime or “Subscribe and Save” so that items arrive automatically and regularly. Learn more on PYMNTS. 

Netflix UK subscriber growth slows to lowest since British launch

Netflix UK has grown its British base by just 4% last year, as the cost of living crisis and a post-pandemic “reset” in growth among streaming services hit the company. While it’s the most popular service with almost 15 million subscribers, the company is thought to have managed to add the smallest number of subscribers since it launched in 2012. Read more on The Guardian.

📣 The secrets to profitable subscription growth

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📅 Subscription gifting: Everything you need to know

Our latest survey shows that 53% of gift givers and 51% of recipients are considering subscriptions as presents this year. How much will they spend? How can you turn one-time gift recipients into long-term consumers after a gift subscription expires? Check out the report.

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