Happy Subscriptions Weekly day! In this edition, we dive deeper into the strategies for managing subscriptions this year and how real-time payments will bring businesses a competitive advantage. We review the latest updates from HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon, and Hinge’s test for a premium subscription. 

7 strategies for managing subscriptions in 2023 (as businesses & consumers)

As the industry continues to grow, businesses seek new ways to avoid subscription fatigue. With so many subscriptions available, how can you stay relevant and attract new subscribers? The answer lies in freemium plans and pausing options, a high-value product, and billing flexibility. 

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61% of businesses expect a competitive advantage with real-time payments

According to the Real-Time Payments Tracker–a PYMNTS and The Clearing House (TCH) report–consumers seek a fast and always-on experience for payments like any other digital interaction. Several businesses have found that real-time payments give them advantages that are especially important to their customer experience. Learn more on PYMNTS. 

The battle of the streams–news from the giants

Consumers speak, and streaming brands respond (and vice versa). Here are the latest updates from the industry giants:

  • HBO Max subscribers can livestream U.S. national soccer games: This announcement will help the brand better compete with rivals in the sports place. Subscribers can watch pre and post-game coverage, live matches, and replays–with no ads. Read more on TechCrunch. 

  • Netflix ad plan (and subscription growth) struggles to gain traction: While dealing with consumer spending, rising production costs, and increased competition, the brand is expected to report its slowest quarterly revenue growth as its ad plan struggles to attract consumers. Learn more on Reuters. 

  • Amazon Music to hike prices of some subscription plans: The ecommerce giant will increase the prices of its Unlimited Individual Plan to $10.99/month and its Unlimited Individual Student Plan to $5.99/month. Read more on Reuters. 

Dating app Hinge tests premium subscription

Match-owned dating app Hinge confirmed it’s testing a higher-priced premium subscription of $50 to $60 monthly. It aims to attract highly motivated daters willing to boost their exposure and get better recommendations. Keep reading on TechCrunch.

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