We’re back from the holidays, ready to give you the latest updates in the subscription industry! 

The first Subscriptions Weekly of the year dives deeper into strategy and trends for 2023: the evolution of app monetization, the effect of subscriptions in holiday gifting, how streaming giants are fighting the cost-of-living crisis, news from Netflix and Amazon, and the increase in APMs in Latin America. 

How app subscription monetization will evolve in 2023

The app economy is projected to hit $614 billion by 2026. As a recession threatens, subscriptions are the way to go forward and sustain your app’s financial health. Roland Polzin, Cofounder and CMO at Wing Assistant, proposes a flexible approach: freemium offers, recurring payments, and single purchases. Learn more on Forbes. 

Interested in launching in-app subscriptions? Last month we discussed the latest Apple and Google policy changes and how these shape the future of reader apps over breakfast at the Recurly London office. This is what you need to know.

Three ways subscriptions deliver just in time for holiday gifting

Gift cards have long been the go-to for “hard-to-shop-for” individuals. However, in 2022, subscriptions were just as in demand due to their pricing flexibility and experience-led nature. How did brands boost sales before the year’s end? Theresa McEndree, CMO at Recurly, shares the secret.

How streaming giants could stop cancelations amid cost of living crisis

While there has never been so much blockbuster content to watch, the cost of living crisis means there has never been so little money to spend. In 2023, close to one million UK households canceled streaming services. As Britons switch off, how can streaming giants keep users' attention?

Oscar Wall, Recurly EMEA General Manager at Recurly, and more subscription experts share their insights on:

  • Bespoke subscriptions

  • Embracing ads, NFTs, and bundles

  • Ending the binge-watching experience

Netflix to end password sharing in 2023

Netflix aims to close the loophole that allowed users to share passwords with nonsubscribers who accessed premium content without paying. While this helped consumers save on subscription fees, Netflix has lost significant revenue to those who bypassed the system. Learn more on Subscription Insider.

Amazon reportedly developing a standalone sports app

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy called live sports a unique asset worth investing in. It’s unknown when the company plans to launch the app, but it suggests that Amazon is exploring new ways to tap into additional revenue streams. Read more on TechCrunch.

40% of LATAM ecommerce payments are by alternative methods

A new study by the Brazillian fintech EBANX–Beyond Borders 2022/2023–shows a substantial increase in alternative payment methods in Latin America: nearly US $400 billing by the end of 2022. This rise in APMs follows a four-year steady growth since 2018, led by Colombia, El Salvador, and Brazil. Learn more on FinTech. 

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