In keeping with the season, our engineers have filled October’s product launch with nothing but treats. In all, there are two new features and one new service. 

Here’s what’s new and why it matters.

New custom report builder: We’re hearing from merchants that they want more and better subscription and billing data–and they want easy ways to get it. That’s the thinking behind the Recurly Builder, an easy and effective tool to create custom reports and dashboards all built into the Recurly app, which you can download for further analysis.

  • Combine your data in the ways that fit your needs, easily creating custom, powerful new reports and dashboards

  • Combine standard Recurly reports along with shared data points, quickly creating the data view you’re after

  • Generate interactive visualizations based on selected data

  • Download your new reports and dashboards for further analysis

Customizable email subscription renewal templates: Many states and jurisdictions are mandating that merchants notify their customers of upcoming subscription renewals of one year or longer. This feature automates those notifications and provides customizable templates so you can meet the notification details of various states. 

  • Streamline and automate compliance 

  • Avoid “over-communication” by targeting subscriptions of one year or more

  • Customizable templates to support multiple jurisdiction’s mandates

Dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM): Many of our clients have asked for a subject matter expert at Recurly who understands both their business and the Recurly platform from a technical perspective. Someone who can add real value by proactively advising on best practices and targeting areas for optimization.

In response, we’re introducing dedicated Technical Account Managers, or TAMs, that can be procured (for an annual fee) if the customer has an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM). As a seasoned professional, your dedicated TAM helps guide your technology strategy by mobilizing an extended team that is driven to help you get the most out of your Recurly solution.

  • Insight into the subscription lifecycle

  • Access to subject matter experts

  • Train the trainer sessions

  • Personalized critical situation management

There’s a lot to unpack in October’s release, so if you have questions, contact us at and we’ll get you the answers you need.