The Recurly Summer 2023 product launch is live. Grow your subscription business with the added features and functionality of Recurly. 

Here’s an overview of what’s new: 

App management delivers cross-platform analytics

Merchants who sell subscriptions from their website, Apple App Store, and Google Play often need a cohesive view of their subscribers, subscriptions, and revenue. App management changes the game, combining analytics across app stores and web to deliver a single source of truth for subscription businesses. Learn more.

  • Connects and automates syncing of subscriber, subscription, and revenue data to provide harmonized, cross-platform analytics

  • Streamlines multi-platform integration efforts through single API entitlements checking and subscription lifecycle management

  • Eliminates the need to build, maintain, or buy complicated and pricey third-party integration tools

  • Available for Pro and Elite plans

Support for multiple business entities

Merchants with more than one business entity may now manage all of them from within one Recurly site. Learn more.

  • Unlimited entities—There’s no limit to the number of business entities that you can add

  • Precise tax IDs—Tax ID numbers are entity-specific, ensuring each invoice reflects the correct information

  • Flexible assignments—Automate entity assignments by geographic region by creating custom subscriber locations. Or, choose to apply a specific entity to any account, regardless of location. 

  • Available for Elite plan

New PayPal Complete gateway

Now you can easily offer PayPal Complete, the newest payment gateway solution from PayPal. Learn more.

  • Supports multiple payment methods, including cards and PayPal

  • Quick and easy to activate without having to apply for a merchant account

  • Available for Core, Pro, and Elite plans

Support for Boleto

Boleto bancário is a popular payment method in Brazil—some six billion Boleto transactions are processed yearly! Now, you can offer this payment method to your Brazilian customers. Isso é fantástico! Learn more.

  • Access the large population of shoppers in Brazil who don’t have cards or bank accounts

  • Available for all plans

New subscriber dashboards

The subscription business changes daily. That’s why we’ve added two new dashboards to help you identify daily performance trends. Introducing “Today's Activation & Churn” and “Subscriber Metrics Worksheet.” Learn more.

  • The “Today” dashboard will help you identify if your subscription signups are trending as you would expect, highlighting both positive and negative trends in customer signups and churn rates

  • The “Subscriber Metrics Worksheet” report combines elements from the current Subscribers dashboard and the Subscriber Retention dashboard to provide a more unified view of subscriber trends

  • Use the “Combine Subscriptions” filter to combine back-to-back subscriptions to provide a more accurate count for activations and churn

  • Available for Core, Pro, and Elite plans

Direct Avalara account support for multiple business entities

You need to report taxes for each of your registered business entities, but if you’re not able to file by entity within Avalara, it creates a lot of extra work. Now, you can map each of your entities from Recurly directly to your AvaTax account to efficiently report and file taxes independently for each of your unique entities. Learn more.

  • Gain entity-specific tax filing via AFC (direct Avalara account)

  • Enhances scalability and streamlines tax compliance

  • Available for Elite plan merchants with a direct Avalara account integration

If you have questions about the new features, contact us at, and we’ll get you the answers you need.