Boomers to Gen Z: A guide to subscriber preferences

Delve into subscriber preferences that set each generation of consumers apart, such as:

  • Free trials, loyalty rewards, and product or service exclusivity
  • Signups, retention, and cancellations
  • Payment method and communication preferences

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Are you struggling to keep your subscribers engaged and loyal? Do you wonder how subscriber preferences vary across different generations and countries?

Gain invaluable insights into generational subscriber preferences with our comprehensive report, Boomers to Gen Z: A guide to subscriber preferences. Backed by a comprehensive survey of over 6,500 subscribers across six diverse countries, our report delves deep into the minds of subscribers across generations to reveal the key factors that influence their decisions.

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What's inside the guide to generational subscriber preferences:

  • Free trials, loyalty rewards, and more: Uncover the strategies that capture attention and drive conversions across generations. Learn how to leverage these powerful incentives to build an army of loyal subscribers.

  • Signups, retention, and cancellations: Find out the touchpoints that matter to each group and how they can make or break a subscriber's journey. Discover how to reduce churn and maximize retention rates for sustainable growth.

  • Payment method and communication preferences: Tailor your offerings to meet the unique expectations of each generation. Understanding these nuances will give you a competitive edge from preferred payment methods to communication channels.

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Read more about our findings on free trials and exclusivity:

Free trials matter. 82% of respondents in the Boomers category are more likely to subscribe if a free trial is offered, while 65% of Gen Z said the same.

Boomers demonstrate the highest interest in free trials, followed by Gen Z. However, across all age groups, a significant 75% of respondents indicated a higher likelihood of signing up for a subscription if a free trial is available. This emphasizes the increasing importance of offering free trials, as 78% of respondents consider them foundational to delivering an exceptional subscriber experience.

Moreover, 67% of Millennials are more likely to subscribe if an exclusive subscription product or service is offered, compared to 53% of Boomers.

Combining a free trial with exclusive products or services creates the ultimate mix, particularly appealing to Millennials who are enticed by the opportunity to access exclusive offerings through their subscriptions. Nevertheless, subscribers across the board appreciate perks. Free trials and exclusivity are perceived as incentives to both initiate and maintain subscriptions–more on that later.