Digital Reach Relies on Recurly to Fuel Company Growth


Digital Reach is a full-service, digital marketing agency based in San Francisco, with expertise in search, analytics, web development, marketing automation, and more. Essentially, they help companies get the most out of their marketing efforts and dollars.

But Digital Reach wasn’t getting the most out of their subscription management solution, which was a built-in solution provided by their merchant bank. According to Andrew Seidman, Head of Operations at Digital Reach, it had a terrible user interface, no reporting or messaging, dismal support, and was overall clunky and miserable to use, and “after a while of bashing my head against the virtual wall, I started to look for a solution that would make my life easier.”

Intuitive User Interface

Andrew began by asking his tech colleagues if they knew of a good subscription management solution, and a few people mentioned Recurly. Andrew signed up for a sandbox account and “immediately saw that the interface was about a million times better than anything else I had seen. It’s very intuitive and easy to understand.” This was critical to them as a growing company since a variety of people would eventually be using Recurly. Knowing he’d be able to get them trained quickly so they could start addressing and resolving problems immediately was very important.

Getting up and running with Recurly initially took no time, something Seidman knows isn’t always the case. “With a lot of other pieces of technology, the initial implementation and then learning how to use it can be a major challenge that can take a lot of time. That was never an issue with Recurly.”

Recurly's analytics suite does a lot of the things we've been doing manually but much more beautifully, accurately and easily.

Andrew Seidman, Head of Operations

Reporting and Analytics

Another area that Seidman cites as a differentiator is Recurly’s reporting and analytics, which he says is “very crisp and clear.” Recurly Analytics lets Digital Reach know exactly what’s going on with their revenue streams, which plans are most successful, and provides other critical metrics and trend data. “That wasn't the case with other solutions we tried,” says Seidman. “Recurly’s analytics suite does a lot of the things we’ve been doing manually but much more beautifully, accurately and easily.”

Seidman also admits that they are “obsessed” with their churn rate, and being able to see in Recurly exactly what this rate has been over time provides incredible insights for planning their future investments of time and resources. “Anytime we decide to offer a new subscription product or service, with Recurly, we can look and see how the churn rate has responded over time and know if the new offer is working or not. This is, I think, just the first step down a path of really amazing reporting. I'm really excited to see where Recurly’s analytics will take us.”

Automated Services, Superior Support

Recurly’s automated services are another feature which Seidman says makes his life so much easier. He cites Recurly’s account updater and dunning features which automate and optimize the process of repairing failed payments and contacting customers. As a bootstrapped company with large deal sizes, getting paid on time is critical to their business. Recurly’s tools, he says, “are so fast and efficient and helpful—I don't have to contact the customer myself or do anything. That's amazing. It makes everything more efficient and frees me up to do other things that keep our business successful and funded.”

Seidman also mentions support, an area that was lacking in their previous solution. “Recurly’s support is excellent, and it’s easy to get answers to my questions immediately. This is the total opposite experience from the large, clunky organization we worked with before.”

Recurly's support is excellent, and it's easy to get answers to my questions immediately. This is the total opposite experience from the large, clunky organization we worked with before.

Andrew Seidman, Head of Operations

Competitive Advantage

Ultimately, Seidman credits Recurly with giving him back so much time and giving their company a competitive advantage. “I'm at my best when I'm focused on our core business. I don't want to focus on making sure that we get paid on time or that our payments go through correctly, or struggling with giving the right refund. These are things that may sound easy but they can take a lot of time.”

When asked to envision his company’s future with Recurly, Seidman is unequivocal. “I can't imagine finding a better partner to launch a product with. It's exciting, and I think we’re all looking forward to seeing where the future takes us. Recurly has definitely given us a lot, and I can’t imagine ever choosing not to further integrate our business with Recurly.”

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