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Acquire more subscribers and rapidly accelerate revenue growth with intelligent subscription management.

It's Time to Get Schooled in Subscription Management

Companies in the eLearning space know that in order to grow, they must acquire new subscribers, retain the ones they have with creative subscription plans and packages, manage seasonal churn, and use powerful tools to process a plethora of payments.

But you're not in the business of helping your students to learn new skills because you love managing subscriptions. Fortunately, we do.

At Recurly, we've already encountered and resolved the most difficult subscription and payment challenges—so you can focus on growing your subscriber base and maximizing every dollar.

We've spent the last decade building a secure, streamlined, and innovative platform that eLearning companies of all stages use to acquire new customers and rapidly accelerate growth.

Leading online learning providers—including Codecademy, Quizlet, and Kahoot!—count on the competitive advantage Recurly gives them.

Acquire More Subscribers

Acquire More Subscribers

Recurly offers a multitude of flexible subscription plans so you can test, learn, and iterate. With intelligent data at your fingertips, you can offer the right plan to the right subscriber at the right time. Keep your subscriber base growing and growing. Class is in session!

Maximize Revenue

Maximize Revenue

Real-time plan performance data enables you to make changes at any time to retain customers. Plus, best-in-class churn management tools minimize lost revenue due to credit card declines. You’ll go to the head of the class when you minimize churn and maximize your revenue.

Provide a Superior Experience

Provide a Superior Experience

Ensure a superior subscriber experience by seamlessly and automatically handling upgrades and downgrades. Allow your subscribers to pause their subscription instead of canceling, to increase retention. You might just get a gold star.

Acquiring subscribers is a complex undertaking. Learn the art and science of subscriber acquisition in this actionable guide.

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