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What’s in this subscription growth metrics cheat sheet for eLearning subscription businesses?

  • Key metrics across engagement, acquisition, efficiency, growth, and revenue unique to eLearning subscription businesses

  • Industry-specific formulas with explanations and benchmarks for key metrics

  • Actionable steps to create a cohort analysis that will pave the way for deeper insights into important metrics that matter for eLearning subscription businesses, such as optimal acquisition channels and churn reduction

Track subscription growth metrics unique to the eLearning industry.

In the world of subscriptions, meaningful metrics mean money. However, a consumer goods company finds success in data that a SaaS business wouldn’t have the means to track. Subscriber needs and business goals vary from industry to industry and even business to business. So, for an industry as dynamic as eLearning, what metrics do these subscription businesses need to determine success?

We created this subscription metrics cheat sheet to help eLearning merchants understand the most important pieces of information about their businesses. From engagement and acquisition to subscription growth and revenue, this custom metrics cheat sheet details how to track metrics from every stage of the subscriber journey: 

  • Acquisition: Understand the impact of free trials, the motivations behind customer behavior, and how your acquisition efforts change the trajectory of subscriber growth.

  • Growth: What does it take to scale efficiently and manage acquisition costs and subscriber lifetime value? Discover your growth patterns to make smarter decisions for your business.

  • Revenue: eLearning subscription businesses accrue revenue in unique ways–different from that of other recurring revenue and traditional revenue businesses. Understand which metrics pertain the most to your subscriber demands and larger business goals.

Gather the tools and resources you need to scale your eLearning subscription business.

In this handy yet comprehensive cheat sheet, you’ll find Recurly’s tips and suggested metrics from our learnings working with leading eLearning brands such as TeacherVision and Codeacademy. Partnering with more than 2,200 global subscription businesses and more than 65 million active subscribers, Recurly has over a decade of experience reaching subscription success and what it takes to get there. Download your eLearning subscription growth metrics cheat sheet and start calculating metrics that matter.

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