This week, Amazon simplifies its Kids+ subscription pricing structure while maintaining easy access for both Prime and non-Prime members. Also, Autonomy, an electric vehicle subscription company, arrives in California.

Amazon’s pricing for Kids+ subscription gets easier

A price change is happening on July 14 for Amazon’s Kids+ subscription service. Amazon sent out an email stating that its pricing structure is being simplified: All Prime members will be moving to a $4.99 monthly tier and non-Prime members will pay $7.99 monthly. However, all users will get unlimited access with up to four child profiles. Learn more on TechCrunch.

Electric vehicle subscription company Autonomy now in California

Car subscriptions are on the rise, and Californians now have a new option for a Tesla Model 3 and more. Consumers living California’s High Desert communities can use Autonomy to subscribe to a Tesla for less than the cost of Tesla’s own leasing or financing plans. Read more on Business Wire.