This week, the Jonas Brothers are launching their very own video subscription service with exclusive content. Also, TikTok has released a subscription comedy series, Finding Jericho.

Jonas Brothers launch video subscription service

The Jonas Brothers are launching a smartphone-only video subscription service for their fans. For $5 a month, fans can access exclusive videos on Sciber, a smartphone-based subscription company. Video content includes behind-the-scenes footage, and subscribers can enter for chances to win exclusive experiences and rewards. Learn more on Variety.

TikTok introduces comedy series

For $4.99, TikTok users can get access to a brand new subscription comedy series, Finding Jericho. It’s hosted by creator Jericho Menche and will stream exclusively on TikTok. The first 30-minute episode premiered on June 2 at 9 PM PT, with subsequent episodes to be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 PM PT. Pro tip: The first two episodes will be free to all TikTok users. Read more on The Hollywood Reporter.