This week Snapchat, Fairphone, and TelevisaUnivision announce new subscription plans, Apple refreshes its subscription management interface for a better experience, and The World Bank reveals its latest insights about digital payment use globally. 

Snap officially introduces Snapchat+

The wait is over–Snapchat+ is here. Snapchatters can now enjoy a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features for $3.99 monthly. Users can unlock custom app icons, story rewatch count, a special badge, and see their friend’s recent location. Read more on TechCrunch+. 

Fairphone introduces smartphone subscription plan

Attempting to reduce the environmental impact of smartphone production and disposal, Dutch sustainable smartphone manufacturer, Fairphone has announced a new subscription service that gets cheaper by taking care of your phone. Starting at €21/month, customers get monthly discounts after usage without reparations. Learn more on The Verge. 

TelevisaUnivision to launch new streaming service

Complementing its ad-supported subscription plan, TelevisaUnion will debut VIX+, a premium tier that will expand Spanish-language SVOD streaming content in America. Launching on July 21 at $6.99 in the U.S. and MX$119 in Mexico, the service will feature exclusive series, movie premieres, and live sports streaming. Read more on TVTechnology. 

Apple updates subscription page

Apple has introduced a refreshed look for its subscription management interface. This update includes optimized spacing and more detailed information about subscription payments, renewal dates, and cancelations, making the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 pages much easier to read. Keep reading in iMore. 

COVID-19 boosts the use of digital wallets

According to The World Bank, the pandemic has pushed financial inclusion and driven an increase in digital payments–two-thirds of adults worldwide now make or receive payments through digital wallets. With the recent shift in consumer behaviors, how should subscription businesses respond? Theresa McEndree, Recurly’s CMO, shares best practices in our latest webinar