This week, Google announced prepaid app subscriptions in emerging markets to help them reach users in areas where pay-as-you-go is normal. Netflix explores lives streaming that opens up more possibilities for live content. Hulu and Xbox partner on a gaming pass for use on the PC, expanding the subscription gaming industry. Also, Apple changes its App Store rules so subscription apps can charge more without your explicit permission.

Google debuts prepaid app subscriptions

Emerging markets, such as India, can now use prepaid app subscription capabilities and more changes to help generate more revenue. During its annual Google I/O developer conference, the tech giant said “prepaid plans allow you to reach users in regions where pay-as-you-go is standard, including India and Southeast Asia.” Learn more on Business Standard.

Netflix exploring live streaming

While still in the early stages of development, the streaming service plans to roll out the option to its unscripted shows and stand-up specials. This opens up the door for live voting, reunions, and more. Read more on Deadline.

Disney+ to limit ads per hour

Disney+’s ad-supported tier is expected to launch later this year, and it has recently announced that it plans to limit ads to four minutes per hour and no ads during programming targeted at preschoolers. This ad amount is about the same as HBO Max and Peacock but significantly less than Hulu. Learn more on MediaPost.

New PlayStation Plus subscriptions launch June 13th

With three tiers available, PlayStation Plus will give players “access to a collection of games that rotate periodically and gives new owners a cheaper way to access a library of quality gaming titles right out of the gate.” It will include games like Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part II, and God of War. Read more on The Verge.

Hulu and Xbox partner on PC Games Pass

PC Game Pass means eligible Hulu subscribers can get three free months of Xbox’s PC Game Pass, which means more than 100 games on Windows PC, plus SEA Play. Normally, the one-month trial of PC Game Pass is $1, then $9.99 monthly after that. Learn more on Subscription Insider.

Apple to allow subscription apps to charge more without asking

According to Apple’s new App Store rules, subscriptions can auto-renew without your permission, a drastic change from previous requirements that users had to manually opt into renewals. “Apple says it’s making the change to help avoid the situation where users unintentionally lose access to a subscription because they missed an opt-in message,” says The Verge. However, developers need to follow specific conditions for this auto-renewal to happen. Read more on The Verge.