In the week of March 20, Netflix, Apple, and Google Play venture out of their comfort zones, Hulu offers Disney+ at a low price, and more.

Netflix acquires Boss Fight, a gaming platform

Keep an eye out for a gaming industry boom because Netflix has acquired Boss Fight to bring ad-free games to its subscribers. This follows the streaming company’s acquisitions of Finland’s Next Game and Night School Studio in the past year. Learn more on Tech Crunch.

Get ready for Apple’s iPhone hardware subscription service

Owning an iPhone may soon feel like paying for a monthly app. For the first time, Apple is working on a subscription service in which users can subscribe to iPhone hardware, and it may include AppleCare and digital services bundles. This is the company’s attempt to push for recurring revenue. Read more on Bloomberg.

Google Play pilots third-party billing option

More payment options and an improved user experience are just two reasons why Google Play is testing out a new billing option, starting with Spotify Premium. The pilot will begin in select markets in an effort to reduce commissions to a more fair rate. Learn more on Tech Crunch.

Hulu and Disney+ tag team for cheaper subscriptions

For just another $2.99 a month, Hulu users can add Disney+ to their subscription, which is less than half the cost of a monthly Disney+ service alone. You can already get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ as a bundle for $13.99 monthly. Read more on Fierce Video.

Vimeo increases subscription prices to thousands of dollars annually

In response to the platform losing money, Vimeo has increased the subscription cost for its creators. “Screenshots posted by Channel 5 their price for a new custom plan starting at $7,000 a year, and that an upgrade was imperative if they wanted to stay active on the service,” says the Johnson City Press. Read more.