Welcome back to Subscriptions Weekly! This week, we review the FTC’s charges against Amazon and Roblox’s new creator subscriptions. We check Amazon’s new deal with Snapchat–allowing for in-app purchases, Getty Image’s subscriber growth, and WBD price drop for the holiday season.

FTC presses to proceed with 'dark patterns' charges against Amazon

The FTC's new papers come in a battle dating to June when the agency sued Amazon for allegedly charging users without their consent. Many of the allegations focused on Amazon's site design that required online shoppers attempting to purchase to first say whether they will enroll in Prime. The FTC also said the check-out page encourages people to subscribe to Prime and only discloses subscription terms in fine print. Read more on MediaPost.

Roblox launches creator subscriptions as gaming companies drive recurring revenue

Gaming companies are increasingly competing for consumers’ subscription spending. Roblox is launching new in-game subscriptions to drive higher-margin purchases. A staff member from the online gaming company announced to the platform’s developer forum that creators can now offer subscriptions for purchase within the experiences they have made. Learn more on PYMNTS.

Amazon strikes a deal with Snap to let users buy its products from ads on Snapchat

Amazon ads on Snapchat will display real-time pricing, delivery and product details, and Prime eligibility. Customers can link their Snapchat account to their Amazon account through a one-time set-up. Once the accounts are linked, they can checkout with Amazon using their default shipping address and payment method without leaving the social app. Read more on TechCrunch.

Getty Images sees subscriber counts skyrocket

The content creator and marketplace shared that, even as revenue declined slightly, subscriber counts skyrocketed, with the addition of more than 95,000 new annual subscribers marking an 88% increase year over year. The bulk of this growth came through its eCommerce platforms, including those of its iStock and Unsplash brands. Learn more on PYMNTS.

Warner Bros. drops price of Max subscription with ads

Max is lowering the price of its ad-supported product over the week to win more subscribers to its low-priced, commercial-driven services. Until Monday, Nov. 27, new and returning Max subscribers can sign up to the streaming service with ads for $2.99 monthly as part of the Black Friday deal. The promotion will last for six months. Read more on NBC.

🎁 Holidays are here! Here’s everything you should know about customer spending

Our latest survey shows that 53% of gift givers and 51% of recipients are considering subscriptions as presents this year. How much will they spend? How can you turn one-time gift recipients into long-term consumers after a gift subscription expires? Check out the report.

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