2023 is off to a great start in the land of subscriptions, especially with the announcement of our new partnership with Recuro, a Stockholm-based leading subscription business models consultancy. Combined with the technology and professional services of Recuro, Recurly will now be able to provide subscription businesses with the most innovative technology and consulting efforts to grow faster, smarter, and stronger–advantages that can’t be overlooked in 2023.

Learn more about the Recurly and Recuro partnership in our press release.

You’re invited to our Recurly & Recuro live webinar

If you’re interested in learning more about the new partnership and the benefits it will bring, join us for a live virtual event How to accelerate subscriber growth & revenue in 2023. Happening on 16th February at 11 AM GMT/12 PM CES, this event will be hosted by Oscar Wall, Recurly’s EMEA General Manager, and Jonas Åström, Recuro Founder and CEO.

What to expect in the webinar

Our subscription experts will walk you through the state of subscriptions in 2023, so you can expect topics such as:

  • The state of the subscription economy and maturing markets

  • Tips on how to conquer unique subscription challenges and key areas to focus on for operational efficiency to drive subscriber acquisition and growth in 2023

  • Establishing an omnichannel subscriber management system that catapults subscriber growth and encourages higher customer lifetime value

Come prepared with your questions to make the most out of our live event. Our experts are here to impart knowledge, but we want to hear from you about your 2023 subscription predictions. See you there!