The Recurly Q1 2023 product launch is live, and there are some exciting new features designed to help grow your subscription business. Here’s an overview of what’s new: 

Access by user role

Rather than configuring user access by individual users, you can now define custom roles to ensure the right people have access to the right features and data. Learn more.

  • Save time with faster and more efficient creation and management of site user access

  • Reduce risk by accurately assigning access to authorized users

  • Available in all plans

Set email timezones via API

You can now leverage Recurly’s APIs to set time zones for emails in each customer account without having to configure them individually within the Recurly app. Learn more.

  • Easily configure timezone for emails for customer accounts through APIs

  • Increase accuracy of the email content and the timezone of the customer’s location  

  • Available in Pro and Elite plans

Include custom fields in email

Now you’re able to merge a custom field value into your email templates using email parameters for custom fields. Learn more.

  • Easy setup and configuration in the email templates

  • Increase content relevancy by personalizing key details 

  • Available in Pro and Elite plans

Custom fields added to charges

We've added custom fields on charges, which adds greater flexibility to invoices that include specific charge types. This custom field will allow you to track specific products that are purchased, or when products are purchased together. These custom fields can be used to target specific messages in email templates, as well as measure the performance of certain product purchases.

For example, when a purchase includes specific products such as a gift card purchase, you can tag the invoice with a unique code for tracking within reporting, and provide specific messaging to the customer in email communications. 

  • Tailored messaging to customers in email templates based on the charge custom field that is set on a product 

  • Easy reporting on product sales via exports

  • Available in Pro and Elite plans

Displaying a different business entity

As your business grows and diversifies, you may want to display a different business entity on customer invoices than the address used for corporate tax purposes. With this enhancement, you gain the flexibility to choose which of your addresses are used for invoice display and which for tax calculation. Learn more.

  • Flexibility to set up and configure a different business entity to display on customer invoices than the address of tax registration

  • Easily manage the configuration under the new “Business Entities” section of the Recurly app

  • Available in all plans

Usage-based billing enhancements

You may now charge customers a percentage of the usage within different tiers of the billing. Additionally, you can elect to aggregate usage across the entire subscription term, rather than just by billing cycle. Learn more.

  • Additional flexibility in plan configuration and how to bill customers

  • Available in all plans

Enterprise Revenue Recognition experience:

You can now leverage enterprise-grade revenue recognition capabilities that seamlessly work with your data in Recurly. With this enhancement, you can access data exchange and user provisioning experience, along with single sign-on (SSO) functionality. Learn more.

  • Seamless access to Recurly’s revenue recognition solution with a single click via SSO

  • Centralized management of user and role permissions for revenue recognition within the Recurly app

  • Available in Professional and Elite plans only

If you have questions about any of the new features, contact us at and we’ll get you the answers you need.