With a portion of our customers’ subscriptions initiated on their websites and the rest in the Apple App Store or Google Play, they only have half the picture of business performance. At Recurly, we understand how critical subscription analytics are, so we set out to solve this problem. Introducing app management, which gives you a front-row seat to catch all the action.

What is Recurly app management?

Recurly app management combines subscription analytics across app stores and web, enabling cross-platform features like entitlements and revenue recognition through a simple, automated data sync.

Why do I need Recurly app management?

Your subscription data comes from multiple sources—subscribers sign up over the web or within your mobile app hosted on one (or both) of the app stores. Three sources equal three separate, unique data sources that don’t magically blend together and provide the digestible subscription analytics you need to make informed decisions.

To further complicate things, it’s not just web versus app store data. It’s web versus Apple versus Google data–three different formats that don’t speak the same language. As a result, companies are left with three buckets of data that can’t readily be combined, compared, contrasted, and studied. The result is blind spots—data left out of the equation—and data that doesn’t get considered in your business growth and subscriber acquisition strategies.

Companies have been solving this problem in various ways, including spreadsheet imports or custom-built integrations, but these are resource-zapping to build and time-consuming to maintain.

What does Recurly app management do?

Delivering cross-platform visibility is app management’s starring role, but it’s got a rich cast of supporting benefits, including:

  • Visibility across web and app store subscriptions within the Recurly UI

  • Connected and automated data sync with subscriber, subscription, and payment data through a simple configuration process

  • Harmonized subscription data between app stores with web to deliver reliable cross-platform analytics

  • Accelerated cross-platform subscription processes, including entitlements and revenue recognition, through simple yet robust APIs and webhooks 

What benefits can I expect with Recurly app management?

By delivering cross-platform visibility and related functionality, app management has the potential to elevate and accelerate your subscription business.

  • Grow subscription revenue by uncovering new subscription acquisition and retention insights through cross-platform analytics 

  • Enhance the subscriber experience by gaining a holistic, cross-platform view of subscribers and building an optimal communication and engagement strategy 

  • Increase operational efficiencies by developing new cross-platform subscription processes and workflows through robust APIs and webhooks 

  • Save development time and resources by eliminating the need to build and maintain app store data integrations, saving scarce resources across web and mobile engineering teams

What metrics and analytics do I get with Recurly app management?

Here are some of the cross-platform analytics you'll gain with the app management:

  • Total subscriptions and growth: Total count of active subscriptions by activation date and total count of subscriptions grouped by status, along with the net number of subscriptions

  • Total subscriptions and revenue by product: Total number and total gross revenue of active subscriptions by the associated external product 

  • Total billings by account: Total gross revenue, new gross revenue (first initial payment), and renewing gross revenue (renewed payments)

  • Subscriber retention: Cohort analysis by sign-up month (or first activation) to evaluate paid subscriber retention and churn rates

Get your front-row seat

Why settle for half the picture when you can have it all? App management is available now. To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar series or contact us for a personal demo.