Did you know that only 25% of people take the time to read software manuals? We set out to upend that statistic by making ours so compelling you can’t turn away! 

Recurly is thrilled to announce the launch of our newly revamped Product Documentation site. We understand the importance of having clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly resources to maximize your experience with our platform, and the redesign makes giant strides in that direction. Here’s a look at what’s new and improved.

A new homepage so you can find it fast

The new homepage is crafted for ease of use, offering a streamlined directory to guide you to the information you need quickly. The effortless navigation ensures you find the necessary information quickly so you can spend more time leveraging Recurly’s powerful features for your business.

Standardized pages where uniformity meets ease

Navigating our documentation is smoother than ever, thanks to standardized page layouts and content structures. The uniformity means that whether you're a first-time visitor or a long-term user, you'll navigate through the information seamlessly, finding what you need without hassle.

Fresh content because more insights mean more power

To enrich your experience with Recurly, we've added new pages and expanded existing ones (over 300!) to reflect the latest features, updates, and best practices. These additions provide deeper insights into our platform’s features and functionalities, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Your feedback is our blueprint

Your input is invaluable to us. The new site includes feedback options throughout, enabling you to share your thoughts and suggestions. Your insights are crucial in helping us refine and enhance your experience with Recurly.

Thank you for choosing Recurly. Please visit the new Product Documentation site and let us know what you think. Dive in, explore, and let us know how we can further support you on your journey with Recurly!