16 retention tactics to increase subscriber LTV

In this cheat sheet:

  • Get detailed tactics to reduce churn in an impactful way
  • Find examples from B2B and B2C subscription companies
  • Learn how to implement these strategies in your business

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Discover the subscription retention tactics leading brands use to stay out in front

We’re talking about real, proven tactics gathered from our conversations with top subscription company leaders. We convinced them to share what they’ve learned about combatting voluntary and involuntary churn and pulled together this subscription retention cheat sheet full of tips:

Tactic #1: Start thinking about how you’ll retain your customers from the moment they sign up

As soon as the first renewal date comes up, your subscribers are a flight risk. Mitigate this risk from the get-go by learning as much as you can about your customers during the onboarding process so you can personalize their experience. 

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Tactic #2: Create a consistent engagement journey to increase stickiness

The first 30-60 days of your subscriber’s experience with your brand and service are critical. 

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Tactic #3: Incentivize subscribers to sign up as a group

The more people on a single account that use your product or service, the stickier your subscription and the higher your revenue per account.

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Tactic #4: Partner with complementary brands on subscription bundles

Lots of subscription offerings complement, rather than compete, with one another, especially in the B2C space.

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Tactic #5: Combine physical and digital goods to create a comprehensive experience

Create a truly immersive experience around your brand by offering both physical and digital goods and services that work in concert. 

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Tactic #6: Use data to your advantage

You’re likely sitting on a wealth of data about your subscribers, from demographic information to transaction-level data, that you can use to boost customer retention and engagement.

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