Plan Management

Create as Many Plans as You Need

Unleash new revenue possibilities by creating an unlimited number of subscription plans. Offer plans with a variety of billing models (fixed, usage-based, etc.) and different billing frequencies. Give your subscribers the flexibility to purchase single or multiple subscription plans and combine them with one-time products or services. Charging a one-time setup fee is easy with Recurly. You simply set the amount to be charged when you define the details of each subscription plan.

Recurly's flexible plan management options support a variety of billing scenarios, payment plans, and business needs.

Gain Efficiency With an Item Catalog

Recurly's Item Catalog enables you to separate the things that you sell from the way you sell them. An easy way to think about it is this: an item catalog is what you sell while the subscriptions you offer is how you sell them.

Without an item catalog, it can be challenging to manage your offerings and gain a clear and accurate understanding of which items are being sold and where they are selling. The Recurly Item Catalog solves this challenge and allows you to:

Create a Custom Catalog

Build a catalog of all items offered for sale in Recurly, including key item details like price, description, taxability, and any additional item details contained in custom fields.

Monitor and Optimize Sales

Track and analyze—via the API, exports, or webhooks—sales of one-time items purchased in Recurly.

Enable One-Time Purchases and Recurring Add-ons

Sell items as one-time or recurring purchases via both the Recurly UI and API, with unique identifiers to ensure every item sold is accurately tracked.

Connect With Other Systems

Connect items and item sales to one or more external item-management systems, such as a Product Information Management (PIM), fulfillment, or shipping platforms via unique item identifiers.

Learn more about using a catalog to manage your products