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Quick tips, big impact: optimizing your subscriber lifecycle

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There are hundreds (if not thousands) of areas across your subscriber lifecycle that you could optimize to drive acquisition, conversion, and retention.

Where should you focus and where do you start?

Recurly and House of Kaizen—product, marketing, and data experts—will show you a step-by-step framework for mapping your subscriber lifecycle, where to start optimizing, and quick tips to help your team drive the biggest impact.

From this 20-minute, virtual workshop you'll walk away with:

  • A tactical framework for mapping your subscriber lifecycle

  • Where to focus your team's efforts to drive revenue - quick tips for big impact

  • What subscriber data to use, and how to use it, to drive engagement & LTV

Workshop presenter

Matt Cronin frontshot

Matt Cronin, a founding partner at New York-based House of Kaizen, is a pioneer in subscriber growth through experience optimization. He has devoted his career to building innovations, teams, processes and agency services that deliver on the promise of being a better place to work and a place that works better.