Going mobile with subscriptions: How to gain cross-channel analytics

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The complexity of mobile subscriptions and how you can win in a mobile-first market
  • How to combat the challenges of mobile subscriptions with a unified source of subscription data
  • A functionality checklist to help you access cross-channel subscription analytics efficiently

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What's in the guide:

  • The cross-channel challenge: It’s quickly becoming a mobile-first subscription market–is your business prepared? Consumers are turning to mobile more, and businesses need comprehensive subscriber insights to make smart and strategic growth decisions.

  • Mobile subscriptions complicate the landscape: A combination of web and mobile subscriptions makes revenue, subscriber, and subscription analytics a challenge to aggregate, and businesses struggle to create a standardized view of their performance.

  • Cohesive metrics bring focus: Access to live, reliable cross-channel subscription analytics helps optimize recurring revenue streams, improve the subscriber experience, and increase efficiencies.

  • What to look for in an analytics solution: See our list of critical features that make up the best subscription analytics software, from fast configuration and a product catalog to workflow automation.

The importance of cross-channel subscription analytics

Many businesses with mobile subscriptions operate in the Apple App Store and Google Play, which may pose challenges with analytics due to each platform’s unique ecosystems, proprietary policies, and data restrictions. When it becomes difficult for businesses to gather and combine subscription analytics from multiple sources, they are left with a disparate view of business health, leading to slower and less informed decision-making. Moreover, many businesses turn to manual spreadsheets, third-party integrations, and limited analytics tools for subscription reporting–an outdated, complicated, and error-prone process.

This convoluted approach is not sustainable nor scalable, and subscription businesses must look to standardize data aggregation for the success of their futures. As app store subscriptions become an increasingly larger share of the market, businesses must find reliable and efficient ways to synchronize subscription analytics to obtain vital performance metrics and insights and enhance workflows such as entitlements, revenue recognition, and workflow automation.

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