Build vs. buy: A subscription software checklist

Learn about key considerations in building and maintaining a subscription management and recurring billing platform, such as:

  • A realistic timeline, resource demands and costs, integrations, and more
  • Flexible account management, pricing, and billing infrastructure
  • Partners in payments, security, compliance, revenue recognition, and more
  • A comprehensive view of business and subscriber analytics

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Before you make the decision to build or outsource subscription and recurring billing capabilities, it’s important to consider how the solution will support your needs both now and as you scale. After reviewing this comprehensive checklist, you should be able to make an informed build versus buy decision for your business based on your answers to questions like:

  • Can we effectively allocate limited engineering resources to foster product innovation while maintaining our legacy subscription management and recurring billing system?
  • Do we have adequate resources to create a robust payments experience with leading payment partners while staying compliant with local and global regulations?
  • Do we have the expertise to create a paramount subscriber experience that fosters loyalty? 
  • Can we efficiently handle all expenses, assets, and liabilities in our recurring revenue business model? Can we confidently manage revenue recognition and compliance management in all the areas our business operates?
  • Can we streamline processes for compliance, customer support, and service delivery to minimize inefficiencies that can lead to increased costs and customer dissatisfaction?
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To help you suss things out and gain confidence in your decision to build and maintain or buy, we've compiled a comprehensive guide with strategic areas to consider, including: 

  • Building the right customer experience

  • Ensuring ironclad privacy, security, and compliance

  • Maintaining integrations and APIs

  • Gathering internal requirements 

  • Sizing development and resources

  • Maintaining compliance with revenue recognition standards

Download our guide, Build vs. buy: A subscription software checklist, today to unlock insights and find guidance into this transformative business decision.

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