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Integration Partners

Recurly partners with industry leaders to offer a wide range of integrations to help improve efficiencies, reduce operating costs and deliver a more satisfying customer experience.

Salesforce Learn More

Link Recurly directly to Salesforce with our automated, two-way integration to synchronize up-to-date subscription, invoice, transaction, and account data with your CRM solution. Allow your Salesforce users to manipulate Recurly data from directly within Salesforce.

  • Arm sales, service, and support users with relevant information to deliver targeted, differentiated customer service.
  • Improve sales workflow and deliver better sales insight through automated syncing of sales and customer data.
  • Provide visibility into subscriber activity, invoices and transactions, upgrades and renewals, and sales tax to foster deeper subscriber relationships.
Netsuite Learn More

Our NetSuite integration enables finance and accounting managers to accurately manage recurring revenue, and it effectively leverages NetSuite's best-in-class and GAAP-compliant revenue recognition engine with billing data. Recurly automates syncing key customer subscription data to NetSuite, saving precious development and data-management time.

  • Effective revenue management with automatic recognition of sales transactions in the correct period(s).
  • Increased process efficiency and accuracy with automated sync: No more manual export and import required.
  • Customizable integrations can be adapted to meet unique business needs.
Quickbooks Online Learn More

Seamlessly integrate and manage subscription billing data with your accounting system in QuickBooks Online to ensure data accuracy, increase productivity and streamline processes. Eliminate manual data entry and ensure real-time reconciliation with automated sync of customer accounts, invoices, payments, and refunds among others.

  • Improved productivity and reduced administrative work through a centralized solution for billing and transactions.
  • Better accuracy and streamlined accounting functions to speed up monthly close.
  • A complete view of the revenue picture with Recurly’s integration and revenue recognition capability.
Avalara Learn More

Directly integrate Avalara AvaTax and Recurly to meet sales tax automation needs. This includes precise tax rates, taxability rules, jurisdiction-source rules, detailed tax reporting, tax remittance, and other Avalara add-on services.

  • Automated sales tax process and calculations with the most up-to-date state and local tax regulations.
  • Compliant with U.S. sales tax and new EU VAT rules.
  • Seamless integration with existing business and financial systems, retail point-of-sale (POS), ERP and CRM platforms, among others.
Kount Learn More

Kount enables merchants to protect themselves in the face of rapidly changing threat vectors, safeguarding profit by minimizing chargebacks, preventing card-not-present, account takeover, and account creation fraud.

  • Reduced operating costs and financial losses from chargebacks, card declines, and lost goods/services related to fraudulent activity.
  • Increased revenue from expanded business operations and improved credit card approval rates.
  • Stronger relationships with banks, card issuers, and gateways by reducing chargeback activity.

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