Plan Management

Create as Many Plans as You Need

As part of your Recurly account, you may create an unlimited number of subscription plans. You may choose to offer a variety of different billing cycles, and/or pricing tiers to provide adequate choice for your customers.

Handle Upgrades and Downgrades with Ease

As your customers upgrade or downgrade their plans or change billing cycles, Recurly takes care of automated customer communications, proration of payments, as well as the management of billing each customer according to plan.

Your customers can also add or remove add-ons after subscribing, and Recurly will handle the proration of mid-period payments, customer email confirmations and account updates to your system.

Trials & Setup Fees

Easily Configure Trial Periods & Setup Fees

Offering a free trial is a great way to give your customers a sample of your product before they commit to a paid subscription plan. Recurly makes the configuration of Free Trials incredibly simple.

Setup Fees are also easily configurable in the Recurly system. If your business requires a setup fee to be applied, you simply indicate the amount required as you define each subscription plan.

Clear Communications to Keep Your Customers Happy

Converting your free trial customers to paying customers is an important step. Recurly automates the communication process so that your customers are never surprised by receiving their first invoice, and you remain in full compliance with laws governing trials leading to paid subscriptions.


Create Optional Add-On Choices

Add-Ons provide a great deal of versatility for your business. By presenting optional Add-Ons, your subscribers select the plan that is perfectly tailored to suit their needs.

To create an Add-On item in Recurly, simply describe your Add-On offering, price, and default quantity. Your customers can now elect to purchase Add-On products or services along with their subscription plan.

Your customers can also add or remove Add-Ons after subscribing and Recurly will handle the proration of mid-period payments, customer email confirmations and account updates to your system.

Multi-Subscription Support

Bottled Water Service $200/mo

Office Snacks $450/mo

Office Coffee $250/mo

Offer Multiple Subscriptions Per Account

Many companies provide services that require their customers to sign up for multiple subscriptions running simultaneously. This allows companies with a catalog of services to offer their services on and 'ala carte' basis.

Manage all Aspects of Multi-Subscriptions

Each subscription plan can have its own design with corresponding pricing, billing intervals, termination date, as well as related add-ons, coupons and promotion codes.

This advanced feature is presented in a simple, easily understood dashboard.

Virtual Terminal


Empower Your Phone Support Agents

Whether setting up a new customer account or updating billing information for an existing account, we provide an easy and intuitive interface to set up subscriptions or process one-time payments over the phone.

Recurly’s account dashboard makes it easy to pull up an existing customer account and update billing information. Credit card authorization is confirmed immediately, providing a positive and professional customer interaction for your business.

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