Billing Management

Automated Communications

Automated Email Notifications

Subscriptions require automated communications. Users need to understand charges and changes related to their subscriptions. Recurly automatically notifies your users with our automated emails, which are sent on behalf of your business.

Professional and Customizable

Recurly emails are highly customizable to reflect the 'voice' of your brand. Our communication systems ensure that you communicate promptly with your customers for any event related to their subscription.


Coupons and Discounts

Easily Create Coupons and Discounts

Discounted price promotions and "special offers" provide merchants with the flexibility to attract new customers while engaging existing ones. Recurly makes it easy to define and manage numerous promotional offers in a simple console interface so that you don’t spend time customizing your billing to sync with your marketing needs.

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Flexible Tools to Attract and Engage Customers

Percentage & Total Dollar Discounts

Easily apply percentage discounts or take fixed dollar amounts off of the price of a subscription.

Limit Total Redemptions

Limit your offers to a fixed number available, and automatically monitor the count until the promotional code is no longer valid.

One-Time, Fixed Period or Evergreen Offers

Easily apply promotions to a fixed number of billing periods (25% off for the first 6 months), or apply the discount throughout the duration of a subscription.

Multiple Coupons Per Account

Allow customers to redeem more than one active coupon on their account at a time.

Bulk Unique Coupons

Create thousands of unique codes so you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Restore and Edit Coupons

Flexibility to edit existing coupons and restore expired coupons to make them redeemable again.

One-Time Transactions

Easy to Process Now, Then Upsell Later

Recurly helps merchants process One-Time Transactions easily. This capability helps companies that might offer items for purchase, which lead to a subscription for premium services at a later date.

One-Time Transactions are processed via Recurly’s API, and when a transaction is processed, a user account is automatically set up for the customer. This makes it easy for merchants to track their customers in Recurly, providing an easy method to upsell and migrate customers to paying subscribers.


Collect Sales Tax

Calculate and collect sales tax for any charge managed within Recurly and rest assured that your tax charges are calculated from the most current tax rates, rules and jurisdiction information.

Free for all Recurly customers, our basic tax support includes tax calculations for the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as self-defined rates for European VAT.

20% 25% 23%

Comply with EU VAT Rules

Calculate proper VAT and be compliant with the European Union VAT rules for digital services. Recurly’s EU VAT feature provides customer’s location validation, localized invoices, physical vs. digital plan configuration and VAT number validation services.

Learn more at Recurly’s EU VAT Resource Portal.

Need Advanced Sales Tax Support?

Recurly’s Avalara AvaTax integration provides Avalara customers with advanced taxability and jurisdiction rules as well as detailed sales tax reporting. Whether you plan to self-file your taxes or simply need additional logic for specific tax codes or exemption options, enabling Avalara inside your Recurly account is easy.

Not an Avalara customer? Contact us to learn more.


Invoice Your Customers

Do you have customers who want to pay by cash or check? Send them a traditional invoice to collect payment.

Recurly allows you to choose between payment collection options, empowering you to customize your collection method to your customer’s needs and manage all your billing activities in one place. Invoices and payments are easily managed through our intuitive account management dashboard. As customers submit either full or partial payments offline (cash, check, other) simply record their payment in Recurly to centralize your billing insights.

Here’s How it Works

As you set up customer subscriptions, choose between two collection methods:

Automatic (billing on file) Manual (send invoice)

Once your manual invoice has been generated, use new custom email templates to send your customers their invoice details. Should you prefer to print your invoices and mail them to customers, Recurly will now also store your customer’s physical address—helping you centralize your billing process.

Dunning management is just as important for manual invoicing as it is for credit card payments to help ensure successful payment transactions. A set of dunning rules can be customized for manually invoiced customers. Managed separately from your credit card dunning rules, this dunning sequence will kick off after an invoice has exceeded its net terms + 1 day.

Payments made online are managed from your account details page. Both full and partial payments made offline (cash, check, other) can be recorded in Recurly as you receive them and are also easily managed through this same account page.

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Billing Models

One-Time Charge

Fixed Recurring



More Opportunity and Choice for Your Business

Many billing model options are available for subscription businesses, and often multiple models are used within the same business or even within the same product offering. Recurly provides many options that enable merchants to monetize their products.

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Intelligent Payment Routing

Route Payments to the Best Gateway

Businesses greatly benefit from Recurly’s ability to route payments to the appropriate gateway based on easily configurable rules.

Avoid Paying Unnecessary Fees

Route payments to the optimal payment gateway based on a variety of transaction types.

Ensure Highest Availability

In the event of failed communications, your team can manually reset Recurly to route payments to another gateway. Route them back once communications are restored.

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