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The future of subscriptions with citizenM

Hear about the future of subscriptions from the Head of Membership Products at citizenM:

  • The power of consumers in paving the path for subscription growth
  • A deep dive into the influence of consumer preferences, demands, and expectations on retention
  • Proven strategies and considerations to maintain peak customer satisfaction

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Hear from Recurly, Adyen, Vertex, and citizenM about the future of subscriptions

Watch our exclusive event recording about the future of the subscription industry featuring Joost van Bommel, Head of Membership Products at citizenM hotels, hosted at the Soho House Amsterdam. Together with Recurly, the conversation explores the ever-evolving landscape of subscriptions and discusses key insights to help businesses thrive in this dynamic environment.

citizenM hotels aspires to “become the leading transformational hotel, inspiring a new generation of modern travellers in the big cities of the world,” and van Bommel, who spearheads the hotel’s membership program, has a wealth of experience in sales, brand innovation, growth marketing, and more. Most recently, van Bommel leads the efforts with mycitizenM+, an exclusive hotel membership that offers discounts, perks, and more to its subscribers. 

Hosted at the elegant Soho House Amsterdam, a 1930s Art Deco building that rests on the edge of the Singel canal, this exciting event welcomed the most innovative subscription leaders in Europe to exchange ideas, trends, and thoughts on where the subscription industry is heading, especially from the perspective of the industry’s biggest influencers: the consumers. 

Consumers are the heart of growth

One of the focal points of our discussion is the power of consumers in shaping the path for growth in the subscription industry. We explore how customer preferences, demands, and expectations have a profound influence on the success of subscription businesses. Understanding the evolving needs and desires of subscribers is crucial for companies to stay relevant and retain their customer base.

Additionally, we delve into the strategies and considerations that subscription companies should keep in mind to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness. From offering personalised options through custom subscription plans and payment methods to ensuring the right tech stack to feel confident and scale, we explore the essential factors that contribute to subscriber loyalty and long-term success.

Watch this on-demand video now to gain valuable insights and hear thought-provoking discussions about the future of subscriptions. 

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Featured speakers
Steph Johnson headshot

Steph Johnson

EMEA Marketing


Tasmyn Nicholls headshot

Tasmyn Nicholls

Strategic Partner Manager


Joost Van Bommel headshot

Joost van Bommel

Head of Membership Products


Kamilė Skinderytė headshot

Kamilė Skinderytė

Tax Technology Manager


Jurrien van den broek headshot

Jurrien van den Broek

Head of Sales Amsterdam